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Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution

Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution

One of my colleagues called me a communist. Well he didn’t say – “You are a communist” He just said I should not bring my communist tendencies to the table.

That totally threw me off for the longest time. I laughed when he said it. I always thought I was a capitalist. I mean, when I think communism I think China. And not the fabulous China that is the growing powerhouse we see today. I think China during the historic times when you would work, work, work and the next sickly person who cannot work as hard as you gets the same benefits as you do.
I mean I believe if you work hard you should be paid more than the one who does not work as hard as you do.
However I also believe that income must somehow be equally distributed, to an extent. While, I agree, yes the C.E.O should make more than the receptionist. I do not think the receptionist should be struggling to make her rent when he has the freedom to buy his third car this year, when they work for the same organisation. It is just not fair.
Notice what I did there. I did it on purpose too. This inequality between genders just makes me cringe. I am so over it.
Sometimes I wonder if I only feel like this because I am a black female from Zimbabwe. If anyone should have it bad, statistically speaking it is me. My race (black) historically had been given the short end of the stick, my gender as well. Let us not even discuss my country. Perhaps my experiences have led me to come to the conclusion that income should more or less be equally distributed.

I truly believe that if I was a white male from North America I would still think the same. Fine I suppose we will never know.
It doesn’t mean I am a communist though. It makes me a capitalist with a conscious.

This post probably does not make any sense but oh well. This is my blog and I can write what I like.


3 Reasons I’m Donating My Birthday to Charity

This year, instead of gifts, friends and family please support my chosen charity by making a donation in my name!

Camfed provides comprehensive bursary support for the full duration of a girl’s secondary education. The scholarship covers everything from school fees, to uniforms, to shoes, books, pencils and bags.

1 way to make a donation is to donate online on:


Contact me for other ways to donate (eft and otherwise)

It costs US$335 a year to send one of these girls to school and my aim is to send at least 1 girl to school. Please support.


Here is why I am doing this!


1. Drop-out rate for schoolgirls in Zimbabwe is “alarming”

The majority of children out of school are orphans or children of ailing or subsistence farmers. It is for this reason that as an organisation we provide comprehensive and long-term bursaries to over 17 000 poor girls in 26 rural districts. It is not enough to meet some of the needs for these poorest children: the support has to be comprehensive providing the fees, levies, stationery, uniforms, sanitary ware and the uniforms. – Camfed Zimbabwe’s Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa

2. Education is key to ending child marriage

“There are no jobs, schools are often long distances from people’s homes, and so for many girls, there seems little option but to get married. Without education, they lack confidence or knowledge to make their own choices and so the vast majority end up married or with babies with little say in the matter. Their prospects seem bleak.” – Angeline Murimirwa, Executive Director for Camfed Malawi and Zimbabwe

3. I hope to encourage you to do the same

This charity event will far outlive my birthday

See more at:

If my voice can be heard.

Dear Zimbabwe.

The word on the street is the election may have been stolen. Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t. People ask me what I think about what happened but the truth is I don’t care.

I don’t care if our president is young or old. I don’t care if it is Zanu Pf or Mdc or Zapu. I don’t care if the name is Mugabe or Tsvangirai or even Kisnot.

You probably wondering why. Well I have a voice and if my voice could be heard it would tell you my blood is Zimbabwean. I care about my country and that’s all that matters.

This is my voice, and this is what is says:

I dream the elected government would think about the masses and living conditions. Its important for a person living in a city to have electricity. Zesa is screwed up on many levels and if our president would hear my voice and fix this. Electricity cannot go for 2 weeks. It is unacceptable. There is no plausible reason. There is no excuse.

It is not normal for people to be constructing bore holes in the urban areas. Clean water should flow out of taps, continuously. That is what I care about. That’s my dream!

Roads construction and maintenance is also my dream.

You know what this all really makes me sad. Because there was a time when we had clean flowing water and electricity outages were few, short lived and far between and roads in urban areas actually had tarmac on them instead of deep potholes.

We had that. We need is back.

I have a voice. It says its time for our elected government to start caring more about this and less…… yes I said less …..about indigenization for NOW. Because really. This is more important.

We can always focus on that and other policies after the general living conditions have been restored to something that even slightly resembles the ZImbabwe I grew up in!

I have a voice.

Can anyone hear me?

PS: This post reflects only MYopinion. I do not impose my beliefs on anyone.

Throwback Time: The fence


When I was about 6 years old my family moved to Kadoma. I never knew we were moving. My parents forced me to go visit my cousins.. well forced is a bad word. I loved going to my cousins place in Gweru. So I went there for Christmas and when I came back home, home was in a new town! I was rather shocked hey.

I had actually been to the house before while it was still being built so I knew about it but this time I was super excited because we actually lived here now.

I think I got home at about 1pm and I promise you the first thing I did was run to the fence and call the little shy girl about the same age as me on the other side of the fence. I was like”Ey, do you wanna play?” and she said yes. I thought about how to get to the other side of the fence. I had 2 options, the obvious option, was to go around and get out the our gate and walk all the way to her gate  and the other was to climb the fence. I chose to climb the fence. It was faster and just like that I was on the other side.

The shy little girl’s name is Ashley.

We became the best of friends. I used to run to the fence and scream – Assshhhhhhlllleeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

She in turn would scream, “Voooooonnnnngggaiiiiii”

Ha ha ha. Being a kid was such fun.

She isn’t a shy little girl. She is  a loud, opinionated woman now. A mommy, a wife, a sister and my friend.

Let’s burn some fat!

I don’t know why, but every time I am  in a good place/space, I gain weight. It’s like nature just making sure I stay in touch with reality. It’s like if my life is too perfect, I will start thinking I am Beyonce or something and start believing that life is but a dream. Well, … Continue reading