All I want for Christmas is….


So I felt inspired by a friend. So I came up with a list of 28 things I would want for Christmas this year.

Just to make it easy for all my family & friends.

1. Tickets to a cruise ship – NOT Oh Ship! – I would prefer an “adult contemporary” cruise ship experience.

2. Tickets to the Micheal Buble concert

3. To make Wedu more than just an idea.

4. Shoes!

5. Trip to Phuket or Zanzibar

6. Good bottle of Shiraz – better yet a red wine making kit

7. That opportunity.

8. Year’s supply of awesome and rare tea – variety is king.

9. A Southern African Safari trip

10. A warm smile and a hug from my husband.

11. A hydroponics starter kit

12. Upgrades for my kitchen – especially baking stuff (Oh my! I am this person! I really want that)

13. Handbags!

14. Ice-cream

15. A scarf

16. Lingerie (I do not know a woman who does not want this)

17. Spa day

18. Money.

19. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook by F L Fowler

20. Poker night with #TeamShikwaru

21. If any of my besties visit me

22. A trip to Sun City

23. Micheal Buble’s Christmas Album on CD (do not pirate it, buy the CD)

24. Donation to Camfed in my name. (Coz girls have to go to school)

25. Paintball and quad biking outing with family and friends.

26. A Christmas tree. Because I have never had one.

27. To meet my niece – Malaika

28. A party.


Jill Scott – The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 (Album Review)

“My love is deeper





Didn’t you know this,

Or didn’t you notice?”

Jill Scott is a genius.

I love neo soul. The beauty of the music, the emotions and the poetry. And I love Jill Scott because understands how to express herself through neo-soul.

This particular album is actually a couple of years old. Released in 2007 yet still sounds as good .. if not better than it did when I first heard it.

Jill Scott

Love, poetry, soul and drums. A journey I recommend you take when you are relaxed, perhaps with a glass of wine looking at something…. or someone beautiful.

The Real Thing is a mature sound. You can listen to every single track. Jill Scott remains true to her deep lyrics and she delivers on every single track. I kid you not.

But if I had to mention a few tracks to look out for, like if you put a gun to my head to make me choose a few songs I would say:

Hate on me – because it’s a powerful track, amazing vocals and exudes confidence. Am sure if you are human you would relate with the message because there are so many haters in the world.

Crown Royal – because it is such a sexy song. #ThatIsAll

My love – Think is my favorite. In the charts it peaked at #31 What are people smoking? If this is not one of the greatest songs I have ever heard I do not know what is! I think its because the song is so real.  The violins, the bass guitar and the emotions in this song though. Its actually something she wrote because of what she was going through. Very sad story which I think is the reason it is so good. It is real.  Under-rated song.

Whenever you’re around – I think this one is my favorite. Ha ha – I said that about My Love isn’t but they are both awesome. This one is really a quiet evening with a glass of wine type of vibe.

Other songs to look out for are Wanna be loved, Come see me and Only you and basically every other song on the album.

12 out of 10 for this album. Get it yesterday and if you have it, share your thoughts.