If my voice can be heard.

Dear Zimbabwe.

The word on the street is the election may have been stolen. Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t. People ask me what I think about what happened but the truth is I don’t care.

I don’t care if our president is young or old. I don’t care if it is Zanu Pf or Mdc or Zapu. I don’t care if the name is Mugabe or Tsvangirai or even Kisnot.

You probably wondering why. Well I have a voice and if my voice could be heard it would tell you my blood is Zimbabwean. I care about my country and that’s all that matters.

This is my voice, and this is what is says:

I dream the elected government would think about the masses and living conditions. Its important for a person living in a city to have electricity. Zesa is screwed up on many levels and if our president would hear my voice and fix this. Electricity cannot go for 2 weeks. It is unacceptable. There is no plausible reason. There is no excuse.

It is not normal for people to be constructing bore holes in the urban areas. Clean water should flow out of taps, continuously. That is what I care about. That’s my dream!

Roads construction and maintenance is also my dream.

You know what this all really makes me sad. Because there was a time when we had clean flowing water and electricity outages were few, short lived and far between and roads in urban areas actually had tarmac on them instead of deep potholes.

We had that. We need is back.

I have a voice. It says its time for our elected government to start caring more about this and less…… yes I said less …..about indigenization for NOW. Because really. This is more important.

We can always focus on that and other policies after the general living conditions have been restored to something that even slightly resembles the ZImbabwe I grew up in!

I have a voice.

Can anyone hear me?

PS: This post reflects only MYopinion. I do not impose my beliefs on anyone.