Jill Scott – The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 (Album Review)

“My love is deeper





Didn’t you know this,

Or didn’t you notice?”

Jill Scott is a genius.

I love neo soul. The beauty of the music, the emotions and the poetry. And I love Jill Scott because understands how to express herself through neo-soul.

This particular album is actually a couple of years old. Released in 2007 yet still sounds as good .. if not better than it did when I first heard it.

Jill Scott

Love, poetry, soul and drums. A journey I recommend you take when you are relaxed, perhaps with a glass of wine looking at something…. or someone beautiful.

The Real Thing is a mature sound. You can listen to every single track. Jill Scott remains true to her deep lyrics and she delivers on every single track. I kid you not.

But if I had to mention a few tracks to look out for, like if you put a gun to my head to make me choose a few songs I would say:

Hate on me – because it’s a powerful track, amazing vocals and exudes confidence. Am sure if you are human you would relate with the message because there are so many haters in the world.

Crown Royal – because it is such a sexy song. #ThatIsAll

My love – Think is my favorite. In the charts it peaked at #31 What are people smoking? If this is not one of the greatest songs I have ever heard I do not know what is! I think its because the song is so real.  The violins, the bass guitar and the emotions in this song though. Its actually something she wrote because of what she was going through. Very sad story which I think is the reason it is so good. It is real.  Under-rated song.

Whenever you’re around – I think this one is my favorite. Ha ha – I said that about My Love isn’t but they are both awesome. This one is really a quiet evening with a glass of wine type of vibe.

Other songs to look out for are Wanna be loved, Come see me and Only you and basically every other song on the album.

12 out of 10 for this album. Get it yesterday and if you have it, share your thoughts.


SongVersation (Album Review) – Music and I


I am blessed in many ways and it goes without saying that music is one of those numerous ways I am blessed.

I know I am not the only person who gets touched by music. I am sure almost everyone has had that moment when you working or chilling or reading or doing your thing when this song, that you have never heard before takes you by surprise and you feel it. You like in the middle of your thing and you like start moving your head or listening to the words or you like take out your Shazam to find out the name of the song and artist.. so that  you can download it immediately.

That happens to me a lot.

The latest shockingly amazing song that makes my heart skip… India.Arie  –  This love

From her album SongVersation – which I got from my bestie – Miss Gwen Myers (I love you lots)

Have you listened to SongVersation? Neo-soul/Rn’B  type of music and if you are into Maxwell, Musiq Soul Child, Corrine Bailey Rae, Dwele or Floetry – you would love it.

I love neo-soul because it is timeless. I can listen to This love in 2020 and I know for sure it will still make my heart skip. I literally feel like I am floating when I listen to it.

The whole time I was listening to the album I was thinking – I love India.Arie – her music reminds me of God. Her love songs are so filled with meaning unlike any other love songs I have heard for example –  Nothing I love more and Moved by You. The song Nothing “I love more” literally makes me want to wear a dress and dance in the sun. I wasn’t shocked to find her love song to God in the middle of the album – Thy will be done, which has a of reggae touch to it.

The album if full of gems, another favorite I have to mention –  Cocoa Butter. A sunny song that makes me think of flowers, smiles and yellow dresses. Love it!

Its really just a very mature, laid back and happy album.  Its a rare find in a world where pop music has taken over the radio and music channels. It’s refreshing music.

Out of 10  on the first listen I gave this album a  7

Out of 10 on the second listen I gave it a 8.

Out of 10 on the seventh time I listened to it I gave it a 9.

I gave up rating it. Its so beautiful – just buy it.  You will love it.

If you have it, please tell me your favorite song. And what you think of the whole album.