Throwback Time: The fence


When I was about 6 years old my family moved to Kadoma. I never knew we were moving. My parents forced me to go visit my cousins.. well forced is a bad word. I loved going to my cousins place in Gweru. So I went there for Christmas and when I came back home, home was in a new town! I was rather shocked hey.

I had actually been to the house before while it was still being built so I knew about it but this time I was super excited because we actually lived here now.

I think I got home at about 1pm and I promise you the first thing I did was run to the fence and call the little shy girl about the same age as me on the other side of the fence. I was like”Ey, do you wanna play?” and she said yes. I thought about how to get to the other side of the fence. I had 2 options, the obvious option, was to go around and get out the our gate and walk all the way to her gate  and the other was to climb the fence. I chose to climb the fence. It was faster and just like that I was on the other side.

The shy little girl’s name is Ashley.

We became the best of friends. I used to run to the fence and scream – Assshhhhhhlllleeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

She in turn would scream, “Voooooonnnnngggaiiiiii”

Ha ha ha. Being a kid was such fun.

She isn’t a shy little girl. She is  a loud, opinionated woman now. A mommy, a wife, a sister and my friend.


Realistic look at my weight loss program.

So it has been a while since I wrote about my weight loss program. I know I owe it to you and to myself to be honest about how that is going. So here goes.

As you know I had these pills I started taking that apparently burn fat because of the enzymes and what-nots. I took them religiously for about a week. Then I forgot them! First it was a few hours late then it was like 3 days. I totally forget I am supposed to take them. Perhaps I should have set a reminder on my phone but alas. I didn’t. So here I am hoping that the one week I did use them to burn fat and suppress hunger worked. Maybe if you are more disciplined than I the pills will work for you.

Then comes the milkshake. I love the G.I lean snack replacement. I do not take it everyday because sometimes I forget to get milk. But I feel that this stuff really works for me, I have a monster appetite. I love food. So anything that has the ability to half my serving is a miracle and I must stick with it. I realized the best time to take it is right before supper because that is my biggest meal. So when I have it then I just eat a little and I am full. Most people take it as a morning shake but I find that weird. I mean you still eat everything in normal amounts the rest of the day. But whatever works  for you. Have you tired these products?  If you have please tell me what you think.

So now the G.I lean is awesome but it is not enough! I need more. So I got dumbbells. I got them from a nice guy who saw my need and met it. What I nice guy.. He went on to offer me some weed as well but I turned it down. Anyway they are the cutest dumbbells ever. Starting light at 3 kg and in a beautiful shade of blue. I totally love how I can play around with them in my lounge, while I watch TV or dance around. I am looking for videos that actually incorporate dumbbells in the workout to maximize the benefit. I also am using the Kiera Lashae video to work out. She is such a sexy dancer and she makes working out so much fun. I definitely recommend you try that out. They do not have dumbbells but one video had heels. Wow it is sore.My dumbells

So I know what you are thinking. I am going on and on about what I have been doing and not doing but I have not told you results. The realistic answer is I am still fat. But I am not giving up. If I actually stuck to my plans and did the videos and drank water and all, I would have been getting somewhere. But I haven’t. I eat so much and I eat unhealthy. Last week I ate fast food like 5 nights out of 7. I should be ashamed of myself. I kinda am. But all that is changing. I will lose weight.




I am a Christian

So a while ago,  the high people in our church decided to start a page that inspires people by getting us to share our experience of how we got born again. ( This site has an unbelievebly high number of stories of how people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. It is beyond beautiful.

I am going to share my story here. But before I do, I need to tell you why I wrote it they way I did.

Deep down inside, I am a poet. I love it so much. I stopped writing after someone who I thought was important (who turned out to be not so important) told me they were going to burn a book of poems full of my emotions. (Can you handle?) . Anyway so since I stopped writting poems on a regular (almost daily for about 4 years) I have written a few over the years (maybe about 10 in total in about 10 years). I only write about God in those 10 because I learnt that He is the only one who I can go crazy pouring out my feelings for and He won’t decide to burn the file. He totally enjoys when I love him through my poems. So that is why I put my story in this format.

My salvation story…..  

What can I say, My God loves me
He sent people to me to let me see
One Sunday, long ago, I went for a crusade
There I heard about the price Jesus paid
When Pastor Chiweda did the alter call
I listened even though I wanted to stall
Something in me told me to take that stand
And that decision was more than grand
I didn’t realize at the time what I had done
That a new life in Christ I had begun
As a child of God, a priest and a king
Thank you, Pastor Karen for explaining everything
Who knew that I would ever be here?
Now I know I no longer have to live in fear
In me, my God lives, He rules and reigns
His Spirit in me and His life in my veins
More than a conqueror, created with love
From the soles of my feet, to my head above
Happy for the first time for He carried my care
My God loves me and now my story share
You too can accept Jesus and get born again
Together we can praise God forever. Amen

My Taste of Cape Town Experience

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Learning to walk in heels.

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Let’s burn some fat!

I don’t know why, but every time I am  in a good place/space, I gain weight. It’s like nature just making sure I stay in touch with reality. It’s like if my life is too perfect, I will start thinking I am Beyonce or something and start believing that life is but a dream. Well, … Continue reading