Mom diaries: 1 month old

I am going to say a statement which is so cliché. I  like to think I am different  from  everyone else. I made a pact with  myself to go out there and reveal the truth about this journey  into motherhood. The good, the bad,the ugly all uncensored. Here I am  a little  shocked to report that if could  sum up this past  month, I would say the most cliché statement ever – It goes by  so fast! I mean I feel like it was just yesterday when I wasn’t  a mom. Now I have  been a mom for one whole month. I didn’t know  what kind of  mommy I would  be. I am  still trying to figure that out. I  sort of feel like a lion… or another  wild and dangerous  big  cat. Every thing I do is instinct. My parenting style at this stage is  as primal as the wild and dangerous  big cats. Just a note to  the world. … do not touch my son. Ever. Just  don’t. When I  hear him cry.. not even the delta stage of sleep can keep me  from  hearing  him even  if he is in the other room. I  also get what my cousin Gamu meant now.. when she said as a mom, you always  feel like  noone else can take care of the baby.  It’s  true.. but I don’t think it. I know it. He hardly  cries with  me. Seth has signs he gives when he wants or does not want something.. we do not  need to  get to the  crying  stage at all. Once I had an argument  with  my mum… I am like you are making him cry. She says – all babies cry.. its normal. I am like no… its a sign of distress. Really. It is. He was a few days old then. I  just walked away and went to cry in the other room. Hearing Seth cry is  the worst kind of torture. I die a little inside with every wail. I am like give me my baby. Let me soothe him.  Speaking of soothing.. he has not accepted a pacifier. I am a human pacifier. R.I.P to my nipples. Well enough  about  me.. let’s talk Seth. 1 month old Seth. Another  crazy cliché statement coming up and I am sure you know what I am going to say…. he is growing so fast!!! At one month old – new born clothes don’t fit him anymore. He has chubby  checks now. I am not sure about weight but he has grown  7cm taller.. in a month. (What do I do with the clothes he does not fit… I am contemplating still). I just realised  he is not  even  a new born anymore. Oh my oh my!!! He doesn’t  cry much. He prefers  to give us signals and only  if whoever is looking after him,   (I always listen) does not listen then he cries. I do night duty myself most nights because  dad goes to work so I tell him he can sleep. From about 10pm till  10am the boy does not cry..  at all.  Because I am listening to him. He used to cry during bath time but now he loves it. His grandma used to bath him but now its my job. I quite enjoy it. He can see me now.  Sometimes he when he is being fussy just me showing him my fae makes him calm down. He can even focus on my face for a while. During bath time we play old school  hiphop and we have a good time. I am so happy he likes water. I want him to learn how to swim really early. Olympics here we come! He seems to enjoy Dr Dre, Nate Dogg and Snoop.  He hasn’t  smiled at me yet… but I  feel it coming. Once I saw  him smize at me… you know  smize  right. Smiling with his eyes. Best feeling ever. He  got baby  acne at 3 weeks. I was so sad. But now it’s clearing up which is awesomeness. It did not  bother him at all. I was just so sad about it. I took him to the clinic once coz of it. Over  the  last few  weeks  I thought I  broke him a few times. Once when he fell asleep with his eyes open and then the weird eye movements and then when the baby acne broke out. Then oooo when his eye got swollen  coz he slept on that side. I cried  and said … oh no! his eye! lets go to the clinic  now!!! But dad said wait  till tomorrow. We did then in the morning  it was the other eye!!! Turns out  it’s normal the eye on the side they sleep on swells. They will eventually  grow out  of  it like everything  else. But yes…for I while  I  thought he was broken. He is really the cutest  boy… he has huge eyes which open really wide and melt my  heart..  especially  at 3.30am when I  operate  on auto pilot. It goes like this… baby signals.. Feed burp.. change nappy  feed again burp… hope he is sleeping. .. stare at eyes… sees huge eyes with no sleep in sight. No time to feel  sorry for  myself coz I will be up for  at least another hour with him  coz all I am thinking is… “Wow he is soooo cute!!!” I am just  so happy God chose me to be bambi eyes’ mother.




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3 responses to “Mom diaries: 1 month old

  1. Ash

    More pics please

  2. Jay

    Hahaha, you really can’t break a lil one, they are custom made…

  3. Awwwwww too cute man! Glad it’s all coming together perfectly! 😘😘😘

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