Realistic look at my weight loss program.

So it has been a while since I wrote about my weight loss program. I know I owe it to you and to myself to be honest about how that is going. So here goes.

As you know I had these pills I started taking that apparently burn fat because of the enzymes and what-nots. I took them religiously for about a week. Then I forgot them! First it was a few hours late then it was like 3 days. I totally forget I am supposed to take them. Perhaps I should have set a reminder on my phone but alas. I didn’t. So here I am hoping that the one week I did use them to burn fat and suppress hunger worked. Maybe if you are more disciplined than I the pills will work for you.

Then comes the milkshake. I love the G.I lean snack replacement. I do not take it everyday because sometimes I forget to get milk. But I feel that this stuff really works for me, I have a monster appetite. I love food. So anything that has the ability to half my serving is a miracle and I must stick with it. I realized the best time to take it is right before supper because that is my biggest meal. So when I have it then I just eat a little and I am full. Most people take it as a morning shake but I find that weird. I mean you still eat everything in normal amounts the rest of the day. But whatever works  for you. Have you tired these products?  If you have please tell me what you think.

So now the G.I lean is awesome but it is not enough! I need more. So I got dumbbells. I got them from a nice guy who saw my need and met it. What I nice guy.. He went on to offer me some weed as well but I turned it down. Anyway they are the cutest dumbbells ever. Starting light at 3 kg and in a beautiful shade of blue. I totally love how I can play around with them in my lounge, while I watch TV or dance around. I am looking for videos that actually incorporate dumbbells in the workout to maximize the benefit. I also am using the Kiera Lashae video to work out. She is such a sexy dancer and she makes working out so much fun. I definitely recommend you try that out. They do not have dumbbells but one video had heels. Wow it is sore.My dumbells

So I know what you are thinking. I am going on and on about what I have been doing and not doing but I have not told you results. The realistic answer is I am still fat. But I am not giving up. If I actually stuck to my plans and did the videos and drank water and all, I would have been getting somewhere. But I haven’t. I eat so much and I eat unhealthy. Last week I ate fast food like 5 nights out of 7. I should be ashamed of myself. I kinda am. But all that is changing. I will lose weight.