I am a Christian

So a while ago,  the high people in our church decided to start a page that inspires people by getting us to share our experience of how we got born again. (www.wikisozo.com). This site has an unbelievebly high number of stories of how people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. It is beyond beautiful.

I am going to share my story here. But before I do, I need to tell you why I wrote it they way I did.

Deep down inside, I am a poet. I love it so much. I stopped writing after someone who I thought was important (who turned out to be not so important) told me they were going to burn a book of poems full of my emotions. (Can you handle?) . Anyway so since I stopped writting poems on a regular (almost daily for about 4 years) I have written a few over the years (maybe about 10 in total in about 10 years). I only write about God in those 10 because I learnt that He is the only one who I can go crazy pouring out my feelings for and He won’t decide to burn the file. He totally enjoys when I love him through my poems. So that is why I put my story in this format.

My salvation story…..  

What can I say, My God loves me
He sent people to me to let me see
One Sunday, long ago, I went for a crusade
There I heard about the price Jesus paid
When Pastor Chiweda did the alter call
I listened even though I wanted to stall
Something in me told me to take that stand
And that decision was more than grand
I didn’t realize at the time what I had done
That a new life in Christ I had begun
As a child of God, a priest and a king
Thank you, Pastor Karen for explaining everything
Who knew that I would ever be here?
Now I know I no longer have to live in fear
In me, my God lives, He rules and reigns
His Spirit in me and His life in my veins
More than a conqueror, created with love
From the soles of my feet, to my head above
Happy for the first time for He carried my care
My God loves me and now my story share
You too can accept Jesus and get born again
Together we can praise God forever. Amen


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